Photo Daniel Almgren
Photo Lars Svanström
  Lars Svanström
has lived nearly 20 years in Mexico, working first in marketing and later as a photographer with focus on food and industrial photography. After moving to Sweden in the late eighties he worked in advertising and marketing, until retiring in 2002. Since then he is living in Mexico during the winters and has taken up photography again, also doing some writingIn 2006 the book "Día de muertos - De dödas dag i Mexico" was published in swedish, written in cooperation with Staffan Brunius from the Museum of Etnography in Stockholm and published by the museum.

The content in the website is the result of a profound interest in Mexico and Mexican culture.

  Cristina Corona de Svanström
was born in Mexico, and ran for many years two handicraft shops, ”Chiras” and ”Chaqui”, and an art gallery, ”El Recoveco”, in the Zona Rosa in Mexico City. After moving to Sweden in the late eighties she opened the shop “El Sol” in Stockholm, but closed it some years ago to be able to live in Mexico during the winters. She is now dedicated to different aspects of mexican culture and history, and to take courses in handicrafts and art – to make things instead of just selling them.


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